Qualifications Needed to Become a Solicitor

Solicitors in London play very important roles when it comes to legal matters. This is why the government takes a very close look at the number of solicitors in the system, making sure that they meet stringent requirements before being allowed to practice.

So what exactly do solicitors in London have to go through? Here are the typical qualifications asked for:

With Law Degree

· You first need a qualifying law degree as determined by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Council. This usually involves units in the following core areas: criminal law and contract law, property law, European Union law, human rights and constitutional law.

· If you meet these qualifications, you can proceed to the Legal Practice Course or LPC. This usually takes one year to complete with a full-time schedule although there are also part-time options

· Upon completion of LPC, you can proceed to recognized training

Without Law Degree

· For individuals who hold a degree other than law, the next step is to be part of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

· From there, you can take the Common Professional Examination or Graduate Diploma in Law

· Once you’ve completed one of the tow, you can proceed to taking the LPC

If you don’t hold any sort of degree, there’s still a way to become a solicitor. This can be done if you’re working in a legal office and therefore have sufficient law background. From there, you can join the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. All solicitors in London are required to go through at least one of these processes.

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